अनुशासन श्रम आत्मबल

The school was rated in the top 10 schools of Delhi and amongst the top 50 schools in NCR. The School ranks fifth in academics in the entire country based on the survey conducted by Edu world (A Leading Magazine in the field of Education)


  • The classrooms have been equipped with a projector, computer and a white screen.
  • A special Test center has been set up in the computer lab where teachers can prepare their own tests and conduct them online.
  • The Audio Visual room has been equipped with an interactive board where 40 PRS (public response system) units have been provided to enable group response assessments.
  • Each classroom has been provided with a log book where the teachers register their suggestions.
  • Scientific facts and logical reasoning which seemed to be baffling have suddenly assumed a friendly connotation with the help of e-learning.
  • The Internet facility has opened avenues for an unlimited scope for learning. School provides fast Broadband internet connection round the clock and offline UPS for system back up along with a good collection of educational software. In a world of inter connectivity computers play a significant role. Every student is provided with a computer to explore the world of technology.