अनुशासन श्रम आत्मबल

The school was rated in the top 10 schools of Delhi and amongst the top 50 schools in NCR. The School ranks fifth in academics in the entire country based on the survey conducted by Edu world (A Leading Magazine in the field of Education)

Guidance & Counseling

The school counselor deals with the problems related to studies, behavior and emotional issues of the children. The children are referred by the teachers and in-charges. Parents are also allowed to meet the counselor regarding problems related to their children. Students take guidance from the counselor on time management, stress management, career counseling etc.


The school has a special Educator and Occupational Therapist to diagnose children with special needs and provide remedial care like dyslexia, attention deficiency, hyper reactivity, autism etc.


Attending workshops is an integral part of teaching profession. They help in updating teachers’ knowledge, grooming their personalities and honing their skills. The school ensures that each member of the teaching fraternity attends at least 2-3 workshops during an academic session so that they stand amongst the best in this field.