अनुशासन श्रम आत्मबल

The school was rated in the top 10 schools of Delhi and amongst the top 50 schools in NCR. The School ranks fifth in academics in the entire country based on the survey conducted by Edu world (A Leading Magazine in the field of Education)


An Institution providing academic excellence with a modern outlook for the holistic development of the students emphasizing upon our ancient culture and human values. Great stress is laid on character building. The vision of our school is based on the motto adopted by the organization “ Anushasan, Shram, Atambal.” We want that our school will prepare the citizens with following objectives:-

Aims & Objectives

  • To propagate patriotic, social and ethical values for responsive citizenship.
  • To encourage and develop the intellectual and creative abilities in them.
  • To arouse aesthetic sense in students and foster creativity and innovation.
  • To inculcate habits of personal as well as social hygiene and health consciousness for a happy and healthy life.
  • To make education a partnership between teachers, students and parents