अनुशासन श्रम आत्मबल

The school was rated in the top 10 schools of Delhi and amongst the top 50 schools in NCR. The School ranks fifth in academics in the entire country based on the survey conducted by Edu world (A Leading Magazine in the field of Education)

Principal’s Message

“Arise! Awake! And stop not till the goal is reached.” – Swami Vivekananda

N.K. Bagrodia Public School, Rohini is synonymous with quality education and is a symbol of excellence. The school’s motto of “Anushasan, Shram, Atmabal” captures the true essence of the BAGRODIAN spirit. The school follows transformative paradigm to learning which emphasizes upon changing the overall personality of children by providing them with connected, meaningful learning experiences.

We envision transforming the school into a 21st century global school where technology rules the roost. Apart from providing strong scientific acumen, logical and analytical thinking ability we focus on internationalism, exchange programs, tours and excursions, adventure sports and life skill programs. Man making and character building education is also given paramount importance. We aim to educate and empower the students to help them grow into aesthetically rich, intellectually aware and integrated young people capable of fulfilling their dreams and aspirations. We also foster the virtues of human excellence by nurturing the values of generosity, truthfulness, compassion, tolerance and justice.

The school follows holistic, stress free and child centric approach to teaching-learning with a focus on individual interests and needs. We foster creativity, divergent thinking, innovation and inquisitiveness along with providing opportunity for experiential and kinetic learning. Our mission is to create individuals who grow up as a disciplined, responsible, productive citizen of a democratic country and are confident of their potential, are goal oriented, are sensitive to their environment and above all, co-creators of their own destiny.

All this is not possible without the constant support of our parents and the trust they repose in our competent and well groomed staff members. We value their suggestions which help us to grow from strength to strength. Let us all work in unison to achieve group goals and objectives and usher into an era of education which is democratic, forward looking and is participative.