अनुशासन श्रम आत्मबल

The school was rated in the top 10 schools of Delhi and amongst the top 50 schools in NCR. The School ranks fifth in academics in the entire country based on the survey conducted by Edu world (A Leading Magazine in the field of Education)

Life Skills

The values of team work, unison with nature, expression of creative self, leadership, civic sense, protection of our heritage are reinforced through the medium of various activities that are undertaken in the class.

We have already integrated teaching of life skill with the teaching of curriculum. Students give vent to their innovative selves through various programme designed for them.


  • Community Services
  • Adventure Tours/ Excursions
  • In House/School Adventure Programme
  • Educational Excursions
  • Martial Arts
  • Self Defence Classes
  • Adolescence Education Programme
  • Embroidery/Stitching Classes for Girls

Community Services

  • Cleanliness Drive
  • Joy of Giving Week
  • Gardening/Shramdaan
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Donations for Charitable institutes
  • Visiting Orphanages
  • Sensitizing masses about Traffic Rules
  • Taking out rallies